"Інша мова — інший погляд" (Other language – other view) is a collaboration between 15 authors from 4 countries to promote in an artistic and entertaining way studying different languages.
    I had a great pleasure to be one of the animation directors invited to take part in this project.
    Word I was working with was "Murmure" which means murmur in french but in ukrainian it means cat purring.
    I decided to emphasis the resemblance between the murmur of two lovers and purring of the cat. For the one in love, the world is just a giant purring cat, I thought. The only limitation was to stay in chosen color scheme, so I had a lot of freedom to play with textures and style in order to show the tenderness and softness of the word.

    Huge thanks to the "Chervoniy Sobaka" animation studio for giving me the opportunity to take part in this wonderful collaboration!
Variants of the poster for the presentation
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