Enormous arboreal monster, hanging
high with rump of shocking size,
grips a girl who fetched a pail of water,
rolling at him her cajoling eyes.
Diddled for a moment, she’s an apple
on the branches of his shaggy arms.
Enormous monster – rather awful,
really-lolls back and laps. Life has its charms

Velimir Khlebnikov
translated by Paul Schmid

  After being torn into pieces by the bloodcurdling beast, a beautiful maiden is saved by strange hybrids. These bizarre creatures turn out to be shattered, by mysterious malicious disease, prince charming, who’s then miraculously cured by maiden’s gratefulness and delicacy. They both horrified, realizing what is the Beast and what they would have to sacrifice in order to defeat it…
  “The Beast” is an animated short film in development, 6-10 minutes long, inspired by decadent movement, avantguard art and literature on the cusp of the 19th and 20th centuries. This is a horror fairy tale exploring decay, illness and salutary powers of care and compassion.
  Technically this is going to be voiceless, black and white combination of cut-out and classical frame-by-frame animation.

  Currently we are in search of opportunities to get into pre-poduction stage.
  We are also looking for talented animators, music composers and anyone who's fascinated with animation, aesthetic and horror to join our team.

Visual style
Hanna “Strizh” Kryvonos
Direction, idea and concept

  Animation director, illustrator, designer, ceramist.
  She studied graphic design at Kyiv State Mykhailo Boychuk Institute of decorative arts and design and animation direction at Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University
  Hanna works as an animator, film artist and compositing artist. She also draws illustrations and makes ceramics.

Dmytro Kryvonos
Film artist

  Concept artist, illustrator
  Dmytro studied fine art at Kyiv National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture.
  He is a professional artist with huge experience in concept art and character design for full and short length animated films. He also draws various illustrations for books and journals.
Thank you for your interest! Your attention is priceless!
If you have any comments, questions or propositions, please contact us at:

telegram, whatsapp, viber:
+3 8 (096) 200 24 12
Art by Hanna Strizh and Dmytro Kryvonos

Calligraphy by Natalia Komyakhova
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