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    Hello! My name is Hanna.
    I'm an animation artist, illustrator and designer based in Kyiv, Ukraine. I studied graphic design and also have a degree in animation direction.
    I cooperated successfully with animation studios as an animator, rigger, compositing artist and film artist. I'm also able to create animation films from scratch. As an illustrator and a designer, I'm familiar with all necessary programme suits, work in various art techniques and understand preprint. Also, I've been working in game dev as a 2d animation artist.
    I am very curious, thoughtful and polite person. Learning new things – is my greatest passion.
    At the moment I am in a search of interesting projects where my skills and art style will be useful. I am considering positions in animation, illustration, design and motion-design.
    I am very much into experiments, new experiences and leaving the comfort zone, so I'd happily try myself in new interesting art fields.
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• Cutout, shape and frame-by-frame 2d animation in Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Animate, Spine and Toon Boom. Basic 3d animation in Element 3D and Cinema 4D.
• Preparing illustrations for animation and rigging in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
• Rigging with Duik and Rubber Hose in After Effects. Rigging in Toon Boom.
• Compositing and editing in Adobe After Effects and Premiere.
Reels with animations drawn and animated by me in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema4D  and After Effects.
• Digital illustration in vast variety of techniques.
• Characters, backgrounds and props for animation.
• Storyboarding and sketching
• Advanced English.
• Basic sound editing in Adobe Audition.
• Professional camera.
• Structured approach.
• Politeness and thoughtfulness.
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+3 8 096 200-24-12
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